About Us

Gosstech Technologies began operations in Singapore, offering blue chips clients a platform through which decisions affecting various aspects of their businesses can be made in minimal time and in optimum levels of accuracy.

Today, Gosstech is one of the region's most innovative and efficient platform and solutions provider for various industries and sectors and it is our knowledge, experience and collaboration with clients in the marketplace that has brought us to where we are today.

Situated in one of the most advanced and modern cities in the world, we are a gathering of some of the top minds in software and platform engineering, allowing clients to tap into this extremely valuable resource.

As the world of e-commerce and fast-moving trade continues to grow and evolve, our products and services do the same to cater to the needs of our diverse client base. With our track record and quality of service, Gosstech is ready to face the challenges ahead.

Gosstech Technologies Pte Ltd
United States

Our objectives are to provide client with:

Improved workflow

Our clients benefit from the improved workflow and decrease in the lag it takes to decide if a customer, transaction or decision is worth moving forward with. Our passion to help customers cut down this lead time takes away the headache of worrying about the legitimacy of transactions.

Highly customizable

Gosstech offers web-based solutions – with a dynamic workflow configuration for deployment and highly customizable to suit clients’ needs, with very short implementation time at a reasonable cost. Our multitier architecture platform allows flexible and ease of solutions customizing for clients - the addition of new fields and requirements are quick. It is a living entity which grows together with our clients – taking into account changes to assessment policies, rules and criteria with minimum turnaround time.

Maximised profits

The tailoring of the workflow process of our proprietary tool specifically to clients’ needs and the in-built scoring systems enables all leads to be assessed and no cases lost in the process – maximising prospects and transactions. Our business objective is to maximise the number and speed of transactions which lead to profits for customers.

Performance improvement

Cutting edge upgrade initiatives by Gosstech benefit and improve performance for clients, transferring on the benefits of increased efficiency and reliability of the service.

Great client support

Performances of Gosstech’s products are proven and averages above industry standards, with acclaimed client support a key to our success and top notch service.