Products Banking Solution

Gosstech offers three banking solution Trigger, Precision and Workflow. The three solutions are designed to works together as strong combination and each of the solution can be a standalone component to integrate with existing system in banking environment. All three solutions have its own important functionality, please refer below in details.

Workflow Processing Solution


Trigger is a solution providing highly efficient credit application management. It incorporates a variety of credit assessment and scoring systems, geared to speed up the business’ decision making, from the first time a customer registers on your CRM/database system throughout the customer experience and future returns.

Fraud Detection Solution


Precision is an application fraud and blacklist checking system to assist credit business in banking and insurance institution in order to minimize application fraud risk.

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Workflow Management Solution


Workflow management system is an important tool that provides feature to manage and define a series of task within a processing flow. Every product has variety of processes according to the business requirement.

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